Arun Jaitley Stadium: The Place Where Dreams Come True

Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is the second oldest functioning international cricket stadium in India and can seat over 55,000 spectators. Located within Delhi city limits, this stadium was constructed back in 1933 as one of two first generation international stadiums to open for cricket matches in India.

Delhi Capitals have called this stadium their home ground since 2016. Here is everything you need to know about this stadium – including cricket matches and information on other aspects.

Arun Jaitley Stadium - The Place Where Dreams Come True

History of Arun Jaitley Stadium

  • The stadium was originally named Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium after the historic fortress located nearby.
  • The first cricket match was played here in 1948, between India and West Indies.
  • The stadium has undergone several renovations over the years, including the installation of floodlights in 1996 and the construction of a new pavilion in 2007.
  • In 2019, the stadium was renamed Arun Jaitley Stadium in honor of the late politician who played a key role in the development of cricket in Delhi.

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Facilities at Arun Jaitley Stadium

  • The stadium has a seating capacity of around 55,000.
  • It has several world-class facilities, including a modern dressing room, a gymnasium, and a media center.
  • The stadium also has several practice grounds and nets for players to train.
  • There are also several food and beverage options available, including a restaurant and snack bars.

Notable Matches at Arun Jaitley Stadium

  • The stadium has hosted several memorable matches, including the 1987 World Cup semi-final between India and England.
  • In 1999, India scored a world record total of 376/2 against the West Indies at this stadium.
  • In 2017, the stadium hosted its first ever Test match, between India and Sri Lanka.
  • The stadium has also hosted several Indian Premier League matches, including the final of the 2019 season.

Future Plans for Arun Jaitley Stadium

  • The stadium is set to undergo further renovations, including the construction of a new grandstand and the installation of new floodlights.
  • The Delhi and District Cricket Association has also expressed interest in hosting day-night Test matches at the stadium.
  • The stadium will continue to be an important venue for cricket in India, hosting both domestic and international matches.

It will be the largest stadium in India

The Arun Jaitley Stadium is owned and operated by the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA), established in 1883 under its original name of Feroz Shah Kotla before being renamed after former DDCA President Arun Jaitley passed away. In 2019, this stadium was given its current name to honor former President Arun Jaitley who passed away August 2019.

Delhi Capitals play their home matches here and it boasts a capacity of 55,000. Additionally, this ground has played host to high-profile matches during IPL seasons past such as 2017.

The stadium is India’s second-oldest functional international cricket ground and has undergone various renovations and upgrades over time; these renovations and upgrades include new seating arrangements as well as a well-maintained playing surface.

This venue has hosted major sporting events like the ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy in India’s past, and boasts one of the highest fan bases among sporting venues.

One of the stadium’s standout features is its large population of enthusiastic home fans, which often add an extra edge to matches and have been an instrumental factor in some of India’s greatest victories.

As well as its modern upgrades, the stadium boasts a long and distinguished history that includes some of India’s most memorable moments. Notable are hosting some of India’s greatest cricketers at this stadium as well as creating an environment that motivates young people to pick up cricket as a hobby.

Due to this iconic status, the stadium has become part of Delhi’s cultural heritage. As part of their long-term plan for it, DDCA plans to update and increase capacity at this venue.

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It will be the venue of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the first time held solely in India since three previous events were co-hosted with India, featuring 48 matches spread out over 46 days for an exciting tournament experience.

There will be 10 teams competing in this event and their main route to automatic qualification is through the ICC Cricket World Cup Super League (2020-23). Once qualifying teams arrive at the event, they will compete in a round-robin stage, before four will advance to semi-finals before playing off in a final.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has already identified 12 locations – such as Delhi and Mumbai – as being suitable for hosting this tournament.

Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi’s Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg has long been used as a venue for IPL games, regularly producing high-scoring contests as well as low-scoring thrillers over its years of hosting IPL matches.

Low boundary areas enable batsmen to hit big shots easily, and the ground has an unnerving tendency of becoming dewy at night, making it hard for players to remain dry during play.

However, this stadium stands out as one of the few to remain undamaged by recent monsoon season weather events. A popular choice for both International Cricket Council (ICC) events and IPL matches in past seasons, this stadium’s selection to host the 2023 ICC World Cup is no surprise.

As well as being the world’s biggest cricket stadium, this event promises to be both thrilling and engaging for its attendees. Fans are sure to be enthusiastic about this tournament which features 48 matches between 10 teams over three days!

Buying tickets early for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 could save money; tickets tend to be significantly less costly during offseason months.

Records and statistics

TestIndia v West Indies – Nov 10-14, 1948India v Australia – Feb 17-19, 2023
ODIIndia v Sri Lanka – Sep 15, 1982India v South Africa – Oct 11, 2022
T20IAfghanistan v England – Mar 23, 2016India v South Africa – Jun 9, 2022

Where is Arun Jaitley Stadium

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi, DL 110002


क: अरुण जेटली कौन हैं और उनके नाम से स्टेडियम का नामकरण क्यों हुआ?

जवाब: अरुण जेटली एक प्रख्यात भारतीय राजनेता और वकील थे जो भारत सरकार में वित्त और कॉर्पोरेट कार्य मंत्री के रूप में सेवा करते थे। वे बीमारी के कारण 2019 में गुजर गए थे। स्टेडियम का नाम उनके भारतीय क्रिकेट में योगदान को सम्मानित करने के लिए बदला गया था।

क: अरुण जेटली स्टेडियम में कौन सी सुविधाएं हैं?

जवाब: स्टेडियम में कई विश्व-स्तरीय सुविधाएं हैं, जिनमें क्लबहाउस, मीडिया केंद्र, वीआईपी बॉक्स और आधुनिक ड्रेसिंग रूम शामिल हैं। इसके अलावा इसमें 360-डिग्री एलईडी स्कोरबोर्ड और डे-नाइट मैचों के लिए फ्लडलाइट भी हैं।

प्रश्न: अरुण जेटली स्टेडियम में खेले गए कुछ यादगार मैच कौन से हैं?

उत्तर: स्टेडियम ने अपने योगदान को सम्मानित करने के लिए कई प्रसिद्ध मैचों को आयोजित किया है, जिसमें 2011 विश्व कप के बीच भारत और पाकिस्तान का अहम सेमीफाइनल और 2019 में विराट कोहली का पहला टेस्ट क्रिकेट में तीन सौ का स्कोर है।

प्रश्न: अरुण जेटली स्टेडियम में मैच के टिकट कैसे बुक करें?

उत्तर: अरुण जेटली स्टेडियम के मैच के टिकट ऑनलाइन दिल्ली कैपिटल्स की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट के माध्यम से या मैच के दिन स्टेडियम बॉक्स ऑफिस में बुक किए जा सकते हैं। मैच धारण किये जाने के लिए टिकट अग्रिम बुक करना सलाहकारक है क्योंकि मैच अक्सर त्वरितता से बिक जाते हैं।