Who won the Blind Cricket World Cup 2022?

Blind Cricket World Cup 2022

The Blind Cricket World Cup 2022 is the upcoming T20 Cricket tournament for the blind. This is a unique event that will be held in India and it is sure to be a thrilling one. The tournament will have teams from all over the world taking part and there will be a great deal of drama.


India won the Blind Cricket World Cup 2022

India won the Blind Cricket World Cup 2022, beating rivals Bangladesh in the final by a huge margin of 120 runs. It was the third consecutive title for the team. In the course of the tournament, India also clinched the ODI World Cup for the Blind, as well as the T20 World Cup for the Blind.

Ajay Kumar Reddy and Sunil Ramesh led the Indian side to victory in the T20 world cup. They smashed 247 runs for the third wicket to take India to a formidable total of 277.

It was a win in the finals, and an unprecedented one at that. With the win, India became the first team in 140 years to beat an Australian team.

The third ICC T20 World Cup was hosted by India. Teams from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Australia all took part in the competition.

The winning moment is best encapsulated by a video posted on Doordarshan Sports, which has garnered more than eight lakh views on the internet. It shows the players dancing in a group hug, as they celebrate their win.

The cricket association for the blind in India is a non-profit organization. They aim to promote the sport and hone the skills of the visually impaired. The organization is associated with over 25 states, but is still in need of funds. Its players live hand to mouth.

The BCCI (British Cricket Board) has not recognized the Indian blind cricket team. It is currently the only national cricket team without an official board affiliation. The association is backed by the Samarthanam Trust. It aims to develop confidence and winning attitude in the visually impaired.

The T20 World Cup for the Blind was a successful event, as it provided a major boost to the game. It will feature all of the top test playing nations. The games will be played on a league cume knockout basis in multiple cities across the country. It will also include a ceremonial march past by all of the participating teams.

The Union Sports Minister listened to the captain’s list of requests and assured that the cricket board will support the blind cricket team.

T20 World Cup for the Blind

India is set to host the Blind Cricket World Cup 2022 in December. The tournament is scheduled to be played from December 5th to 17th. The inauguration of the tournament will be held on December 5th, in Gurugram. It will feature the ceremonial march past by all participating teams. In addition, there will be dance performances by well-known artists.

The third edition of T20 World Cup for Blind is organized by the Cricket Association for the Blind in India. It is also sponsored by the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. The organization organizes national level and state level cricket tournaments for visually impaired cricketers.

The blind team was dominated by the Indians in the final against Bangladesh. In the play cricket game, India scored a total of 277 runs against the opponent. The team lost just two wickets. The blind players, including Sunil Ramesh, Ajay Kumar Reddy and Lalit Meena, starred in the victory.

The Indian team entered the final against Bangladesh as the favourites. The team opted to bat first. The home side scored a total of 277 runs in just twenty overs. The runner-up, Bangladesh, only managed 157 runs. The final was played at Chinnaswami Stadium in Bengaluru.

The Blind Cricket World Cup 2022 will be played in five venues across the country. The tournament will include teams from Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The Blind Cricket World Cup 2022 will be broadcast live on DD Sports. The final will be played on December 17th.

Pakistan, who was denied a visa, will not be able to participate in the T20 Blind World Cup. The Ministry of External Affairs has not given the team clearance. According to a statement by the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council, it is a political decision.

Nevertheless, the Pakistani cricket team for the blind has been cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It has collected its passports from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. The team will be travelling to India for the tournament.

The cricketers from the seven participating countries are excited about the event. The Cricket Association for the Blind in India expects all ten member countries to take part in the mega event.

History of blind cricket

Blind Cricket is a form of cricket that was developed in Australia in 1922. The game is played by partially sighted players on a pitch designed specifically for them. Traditionally, the field is slightly smaller than the standard one. There are also several variations of the sport.

The first interstate blind cricket match was held in Sydney in 1928. The teams that travelled to Melbourne included NSW, Victoria, and South Australia. The first official Test series between the three teams took place in 1930.

The play cricket game was improvised by two residents of a factory in Melbourne. One of the workers suggested using a tin can filled with rocks as a ball. The other suggested using wooden planks as bats. This idea was then adapted by basket weavers.

The balls were then filled with steel or iron. There was a lead inside the ball for weight. The wickets were made of wood or plastic. The ball was thrown with a sweep shot to increase the chance of the bat hitting the ball.

Throughout the 20th century, cricket for the blind was played in countries across the world. The game gained popularity in India. It was also popular in England and Sri Lanka.

The World Blind Cricket Council was formed in 1996. It has members from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the West Indies. The council also plays a key role in promoting blind cricket internationally. The rules of the game are governed by the council.

In 1998, the first Blind Cricket World Cup was held in New Delhi. It was won by the team from South Africa. The next two Blind Cricket World Cups were won by Pakistan. In 2002 and 2006, the Pakistani team defeated the team from India. In 2014, the Indian team won the final.

In the early 1990s, a school for blind students in Nepal began teaching students the sport. In addition to playing the game, they also learned how to throw bell balls. Eventually, the sound balls became an important symbol of blindness in Nepal.

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