How many Countries Play Cricket Game?

Full Participants

The cricket governing body of a nation or the relevant nation representing a region is referred to as a Full Member.

All Complete Members are qualified to send teams to main Test matches, have full ballot civil liberties at ICC conferences and are instantly qualified to play in ODIs as well as T20Is.

The English cricket team stands for England and Wales, the Irish cricket group represents the entire island of Ireland, as well as the West Indies cricket team stands for a total of 15 Caribbean nations and also regions.

Prior to being picked as full members, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and also Ireland competed as associate members in these 12 nations.

Affiliate Members

Associate Members are those countries that have good cricket organization but do not satisfy the needs for full subscription. Currently, there are 94 Affiliate Members.

All Associate Members are eligible to play on the planet Cricket League, a global one-day cricket tournament arranged by the ICC, which runs till 2019.

From 2019, the ICC Cricket Globe Mug League 2 and ICC Cricket Globe Mug Difficulty will certainly take its place.

There is also the ICC Males’s T20 World Cup Qualifying Tournament as a means of qualification; till April 2018, only teams that qualify will certainly be granted Twenty20 International status.

The ICC mentioned in April 2018 that all participants would certainly be qualified for T20 Internationals from July 1, 2018, with qualification for the women’s tournament being January 1, 2019.

Previous members

5 nations have been eliminated from the International Cricket Council after formerly being Affiliate or Affiliate Members.

One would be curious to discover how many Oriental nations are associated with cricket after knowing the total number of participating nations If you come from this classification, continued reading.

Play cricket game was designed in England. According to the realities handy, it remained in the southeast of England in the very early 20th century.

Australia, South Africa and also West Indies were the other countries where the sporting activity was dipped into that time.

The sport also expanded in appeal in the Oriental continent. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and also India all ended up being involved in the sport.

Asian nations

Eastern nations like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan won one Globe Mug each in the late 20th century as well as made a reputation in the sporting activity of cricket.

This led to the development of the Asian Cricket Meeting in 1983, which was entrusted with promoting the sporting activity in other parts of Asia.

By the 21st century, Bangladesh has emerged as a brand-new force in Eastern cricket.

Presently, competitive cricket is played in Afghanistan, Malaysia as well as Nepal. Of these 3 countries, Afghanistan rose to fame by getting approved for the 2014 Globe Mug.

In 2003, the Kuala Lumpur-based Oriental Cricket Conference altered its name to the Asian Cricket Council. The council has participants from 25 countries as well as records to the ICC.

Non-Asian countries

Cricket was first played in England, Australia, the West Indies as well as South Africa in the very early 20th century.

The suggestion of developing an International Council originated from Abe Bailey, who was then the president southern African Cricket Organization.

In 1906, the Imperial Cricket Meeting was formed; it ultimately transformed its name to the International Cricket Council.

Over the past two decades, worldwide tournaments have actually included Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland and also the United Arab Emirates.

The sport has also just recently got appeal in the USA. Greater than 100 nations are currently associated with the sporting activity and also have relate to the ICC.

3 styles are utilized when playing global cricket. The 3 layouts are a five-day event, called an Examination suit; a single-day competition of 50 overs per side, called a One-Day International; as well as a 20-over event per side, called a T-20 International.

In the last five years, one of the most recent and prominent style has been the T-20.

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