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Tips of Cricket Live

Before you start live betting, we would like to give you some tips. These are in no particular order. We obtained these tips from various members of our online forum. A common tip for all members is that you should know the sport you are betting on. This means that you should have some knowledge of cricket.

Nevertheless, let’s get to the tips.

Play Cricket Live Tips
Look for pre-match changes. Does a team score many runs? Sometimes teams/players will use this momentum to get a win.
Don’t pull the trigger on a new bet right away. We wait a bit and see if a little more is in your favor. Usually something +EV will pop up. But only patience will find it.
Compare your bets. The reason we bring it up is that the game is live and betting sites may have a hard time suggesting good odds. Their wrong options may be your chance to make money.
Is the team/player a starter or a finisher? Try to research and determine who the potential stocks are. For example, look for teams that may be slow to start but come back strong (they are finishers). Conversely, you can look for teams that start off strong but are winners later on.
Cricket odds often change. When they start to change, the odds become worse when you want to get in at the best price.
Watch the game. This is really the only way to know what is going on and catch anything that might give you an edge, such as game changes and injuries. Follow the game as closely as you can, it’s the only thing you can do after betting.

Hope this helps. Of course, we’re just providing a guide, the actual situation depends on your bets!

Live Cricket Betting

Another exciting way to bet online is to start betting live. Quite simply, you can place your bets during the game or at the start of the game. For some players, live or in-play betting is all about excitement. Then watch the game and bet on what you think will happen next.

For others, such as experienced bettors, live betting is about the potential for money making opportunities that you won’t find in your pre-game selections.

So on this hand, I’ll quickly share some live-betting strategies. First, let’s look at the best sportsbooks for live betting. Then, there’s a general overview of live betting.

Bet365 – Another highly rated sportsbook. You can get a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $100. They also have more than 70,000 cricket matches per year and they have also migrated their website to HTML 5 technology that now runs much better.

Betway – A wide range of betting options, both live and pre-match. With a huge welcome bonus and excellent deposit options for Indian players, Betway is a great choice if you want to attempt live betting. Using their betting app, you will be sure to finding your favorite through the betting options with ease.

We recommend some of these betting sites. However, if you want to determine more before signing up, you can also check out our list of other top cricket betting apps.

Or you can continue reading below for more information on rollover betting, how it works and the types of bets you can place.

How live/roller betting works
Live betting is similar to ‘normal’ betting.

odds are available shortly before the race starts. And you will notice that once a book opens up the odds for a game, most of the books will follow suit. In fact, if you plan to place live bets, you need to be vigilant during this time.

The betting process – selecting lines, placing bets, etc. – is the same as normal betting. You simply pull up the screen and refresh every few seconds/minutes to see the latest/available odds.

Some books will update odds in real time (no refreshing required). Just ensure sure you know how your betting site is working. Don’t make assumptions on your own or you may miss an opportunity.

From there, you will select your bets, fill in your tickets and then confirm your bets.

Types of bets

The types of bets you can place vary from sport to sport. In some cases, the bets you can place will be unique to live betting, while in other cases, you can place the same bets even if the game is not being played.

Here is a small sample of the types of bets you can make on roller derby.

Cricket Betting
Match Winners
First delivery of the run
Each Over – Total
Each over – odds/evens
Per gate – yes/no
Team A 20 overruns – total
First 6 rounds – Total
Dismissal Method 6-Way
Dismissal Method
Team Top Hitter
Next Man Out
Player innings – total points
Fall run at the first checkpoint
Highest Open Partner
Most runs scored
Most runs scored – group
Wickets lost 50 times
You can usually find more information on the various betting sites, this is just a small selection of the sites available. Keep in mind that the betting options available to you will vary depending on the sport/game and the betting site. Therefore, you may wish to have accounts in several different books.


What deposit methods can I use?

  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI)
  • Alipay
  • Phone Pe
  • Internet banking
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Nettler
  • Astro-pay
  • G-payments
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dogcoin, Tron and other cryptocurrencies

These are the most commonly used deposit methods in the world, especially in India. To deposit money in the sportsbook, sign up and start using any above banking system and integrate them with the platform!

How to bet on cricket online?

For cricket, keep an eye on Indian bookmakers to find the best one for you. We have compiled a list of suggestions that you can follow and move in the right direction:

Choose a legal sportsbook that is convenient for you in terms of availability, legality and compatibility.

Registering with the company using the correct identity.

topping up your sportsbook to bet on your favorite tournament fixtures.

Gamble responsibly!

What is the best cricket betting apps in India?

Many cricket-betting apps offer gambling services on the internet and are increasing in the market every day. However, the best apps are the ones that offer a seamless experience, easy navigation and simple trading methods. Taking all the mentioned factors into consideration, Parimatch has earned the title of the best betting app on the market due to its popularity, extensive convenience and legitimacy.

Is it legal to bet on cricket in India?

Legality is a paradoxical issue. In many states in India, gambling is illegal and there are penalties for promoting gambling. But regarding online gambling, there are no laws governing such gambling. This suggests that betting in India is neither punishable nor illegal, and clearly illegal.

What forms of cricket betting are there?

There are four formats, made up of many other types.

match bets: winners/losers, best batsman, best bowler, etc.
Team propositions: match/tournament winners, team scores, etc.
Player propositions: player of the game, half centurion/centurion, etc.
In-game propositions: run through, run into the next ball, etc.

What is the cricket betting odds?

Odds are simply the chance of winning a bet. Cricket-betting odds are the chances of winning different types of bets for players.

What are cricket-betting bonuses?

Cricket-betting bonuses and rewards are incentives and facilities offered by the betting authorities to new or valued customers. The most common one is a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus.

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